Tuesday, 14 February 2012 14:03

Tenebrio molitors impact on growth medium temperature, and the consequences

Tenebrio molitor is ektotherme (ectothermic) animals like all other insects. This means that the animal metabolism and activity level depends on the ambient temperature. In the case of T. molitors foraging activity and gastrointestinal generated heat to the surroundings. Especially the larvae produces and delivers some heat in their metabolism and activity associated with food absorption.

When using isolated growth containers, the heat emitted by the larvae, the growth medium is heated. This will further stimulate larval activity and metabolism, among others affect larval growth. In our studies we were able to detect temperature increases of up to 10 ° C above room temperature in insulated containers. This is an important result, since the heat produced by the larvae can be considered the "growth room" temperature when the optimum temperature of T. molitor (ca. 23 ° C) to be achieved.


Nielsen, S.A., Jensen, T. & Grandorf, U.S. (2012) - Tæthedsafhængig vækst hos Tenebrio molitor med henblik på effektiv nedbrydning af organisk affald.